RaptoBike is a young Dutch company that focuses on building qualitative yet affordable and practical recumbents. All bikes have been and will be well designed, well made, have high quality components and a very attractive price. Each recumbent is checked before it leaves the factory on it's way to you.

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RaptoBike in Velo Vision

The RaptoBike Low Racer recumbent was featured in the September issue of Velo Vision. Velo Vision is the practical cycling magazine from the UK. Some quotes:

  • The Raptobike was a bit of a revelation
  • The Raptobike's front wheel drive is very successful
  • It's probably one of the fastest bikes around which is both relatively practical and affordable: every cycling speed-seeker should get a test ride at least!

Upcoming Events

New worldrecord HPTDelft!

Velox3 sponsored by RaptoBike
133,78 km/h for Sebastiaan Bowier is a new world record! (photo: Bas de Meijer)

Aerovelo secures AHS Sikorsky prize

AeroVelo, a Toronto based engineering team has won the AHS Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Challenge and its $250,000 prize. On Thursday, June 13, 2013, Atlas, their human-­powered helicopter, completed a recordbreaking flight lasting 64 seconds and reaching a height of 3.3 metres.



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SRAM 10 speed twist

Just received a notification that SRAM 10 speed twist shifters are finally coming!

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Am I considering starting the sales of a few nice sets of wheels suited for low racers and would appreciate some feedback.

Ik overweeg de verkoop te starten van een aantal mooie wielsets voor lage racers (voorwiel en achterwiel aangedreven) en ben op zoek naar jouw input.

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Training for 133 km/h

RaptoBike sponsors the HPTDelft team in their effort to build a bike that can reach speeds of more than 133 km/h (83 miles/hour). Next to a great recumbent bicycle this requires a great rider

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Holux GPS

We have added Holux GPS devices to our portfolio.

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RaptoRide 2014

RaptoRide no. 5 op 27 april 2014 / on April 27th 2014! Read More

Nice fenders

When I visited the Taipei bicycle show I found these really nice fenders. Nearly invisible, very light and strong.
Qbicle Tangent on RaptoBike low racer
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Recently I showed a prototype of the RaptoTrike. A tilting trike extension for the RaptoBike Low and Mid Racer.

Kort geleden melde ik dat er mogelijk een RaptoTrike module zou komen voor de RaptoBike Lage Racer en Mid Racer.

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New products

I just finished adding the Kurt Kinetic cycling trainers to the shop. Kurt Kinetic offers a full range of air and magnetic resisted trainers. The thing that really makes them stand out, other than the Kurt quality, is the fact that all models can be used with a small wheel adapter. This makes them the perfect trainer for recumbents.

Kurt Kinetic trainers

Click here to see all the models of Kurt Kinetic in our shop

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Climbing on a RaptoBike

I often get asked if you can climb on a recumbent and more specifically a RaptoBike.

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New Products

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