About RaptoBike

RaptoBike is a Dutch company that focuses on building qualitative yet affordable and practical recumbents. All bikes have been and will be well designed, well made, have high quality components and a very attractive price.

The company was started in January 2006. Since then we have focused on bringing our Low Racer to market, developing our plans for High Racers and Velomobiles and starting to build our network.

In June 2007 we launched our first bike : the Low Racer. We chose the main Dutch recumbent event for this. At Cycle Vision 2007 the public was able to see our bikes for the first time and even test drive our prototypes. The Low Racer is a very succesfull bike, there are a few hundred roaming the earth now.

In 2009 I quit my daytime job and focussed 100% on RaptoBike

In 2010 the Mid Racer was launced. The next step, but a full member of the RaptoBike family with it's front wheel drive system. A flexible frame that can be used for racing, touring or as a fast commuter.

Why RaptoBike

We are certain that our bikes offer unique qualities and are competitively priced. All of our efforts during the design phase are focused on the 'manufacturability', thus keeping the cost down. Next to this we try to keep our prices as low as possible, partly by saving costs in the manufacturing.

By maintaining low prices we hope to reach a larger group of potential recumbent riders making it more attractive to start riding a recumbent or to buy the bike you have always dreamed of.


Aside from this, our bikes are attractive to look at. We invite you to come and see for yourself!

About Arnold

I started my recumbent affair when we moved to a smaller village and I had to travel 14km into the office. I soon realised that there where better alternatives than doing this by car, so I started riding a recumbent. I first bought a secondhand via Internet and a second one soon followed. Soon after this I thought I could do a better or at least different job, so I started RaptoBike. At the moment it is still just me, altough I get help from Marieke (my wife) at trade shows.

Why Recumbents?

Recumbents are fun !!!

Next to being fun to ride, recumbents also offer various other advantages in terms of health and just getting from A to B. Other examples are:

Fast : recumbents are the fastest bikes on the road. Because of the reclined position and being low, you will have less air resistance and you'll be faster.

Enjoy it : on a recumbent your view is directed slightly upwards towards the horizon. On 'normal' bikes your view is directed more or less downwards towards the road and your front wheel. Being on a recumbent allows you to enjoy the scenery more!

Relax : "doesn't your neck hurt?" is a question often asked. The answer is of course a "no"! The position on the bike is really comfortable and relaxed and can be extra supported by a headrest. Being on a recumbent also offers great relaxation for people with bad backs.

More distance : on a recumbent you need less power to get you somewhere, so longer trips are easier. Because of the relaxed position you will not suffer from saddle pains or stress on the wrists. Without much training, distances of 100 kilometers are no problem for most people.