RaptoBike is proud to present the new line of Holux GPS devices for outdoor use. The line consists of a range of GPS computers, ranging from an entry-level bike GPS to a full touchscreen bike navigator.

The Holux GPSport245 is the base model. It offers all features that you are used to from a regular bike computer, however without the hassle of a magnet in your wheel and having to measure wheel sizes.

The Holux GPSport260 and GPSport 260 Pro are the computers for the biker that wants to track routes and keep score on the training results. Both offer the same functionality of the 245 and offer additional features like a barometer and compass. The 260 and the 260 Pro also offer the option to load a course from your computer and see it on the display. The 260 Pro offers connectivity with hartrate and cadance sensors via ANT+.

The TwoNav Sportiva offers a full touchscreen with mapping and routing functionality. Can load and convert routes and tracks via supplied software and can convert a wide range of map sources. The hardware is built by Holux and the maps are supplied by CompeGPS on the basis of TeleAtlas maps.