New world record!!!!

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On September 14 2013 Sebastiaan Bowier powered Velox3 to a new world record of 133,78 kilometer per hour. RaptoBike would like to congratulate the whole team and Sebastiaan Bowier and Wil Baselmans in special with this fantastic result. After a year of ups and downs (car crash and really bad weather at Battle Mountain) Sebastiaan gave it his all in the last run and broke the world record by 0,6 km/h!

Velox3 sponsored by RaptoBike

(photos: Bas de Meijer)

More information can be found on the HPTDelft pages :



HPTDelft by RaptoBike

Photo: Bas de Meijer (


RaptoBike is a proud sponsor of the Human Power team Delft & Amsterdam. The team has built a bike called the Velox2 with the intention to break the world record in 200 meter sprint and the hour record. On this page you can follow my news messages with regards to the team.

September 3 2012:

Getting ready to leave to the US to follow the races. Expect some more live news from me here during the event and follow me on twitter. Yesterday a Dutch TV show called 'Hart van Nederland' (Heart of Holland) had an item on the HPTDelft team leaving:

July 2012:

Unfortunately the hour record attempt had to be stopped early as Wil Baselmans suffered from a bad crash. The main display of the Velox malfunctioned causing Wil to drive onto the grass. The bike started spinning and was damaged. Fortunately Wil 'only' suffers from some bruises and a minor concussion. I hope he'll be back in the Velox soon for another attempt!


In 2012 RaptoBike decided to sponsor the HPTDelft team again given their fantastic result in 2011. The team decided to go all out, with the experiences from last year. This resulted in the VeloX2. A bike that has 35% less resistance than VeloX1, boasts an elliptical drive system based on the K-Drive, of course is front wheel powered and shows the world to the rider via a camera/monitor.

More information can be found on the HPTDelft site (

From 29 June to to 3 July the team is at the Dekra track in Germany to try to beat the world hour record and the 200 meter low lands sprint record.

2011 results:

RaptoBike congratulates the HPTDelft team with their incredible succes!

129.62 km per hour!

This is a new European record, Dutch Record and Student Record and only 3.66 km of the speed of the world record.

Some movies:


Opening Velox

80 mph to stop

Inside Velox

2 min time lapse


Some images:

Velox Inside

Velox Outside

Velox Outside

On march 8th 2011 the design of the bike was shown to the public. More information on the site of the Human Power Team.